It Is Fun to Train Your Dog!

16 Week Labrador Retriever puppy dog training and tricks

It is important to first know what can be taught. This is a cute, very smart and attentive pup. Watch the other videos to see some “how to train” ideas.


Dog Training Tip: connecting with your dog.

Using food provides a great introduction for a dog to learning and shaping behaviors. However, it is easy to get caught in the trap of bribing a dog with food to get them to listen to you. Connecting with a dog with an enthusiastic attitude while usi…


HowStuffWorks “How Dog Training Works”

Learn the history and ideas in common behind most methods of dog training and then talk about one of the most popular methods today: Clicker training.


How to Train a Dog To … – PawNation

Teach your dog to sit, heel, and curb bad behavior.


Become a Dog Training Expert in Just 10 Weeks | The Wet Nose Press

Have you recently added a new puppy to your family? Want to teach an older dog some new tricks? Sign up for our Dog Training eSeries, and you could become an expert in just 10 weeks! Learn tips from the best trainers in